Youtube is a popular search engine 2nd or 3rd world. The main advantage of the outstanding and YouTube as your video will be included in the search results of Google and Youtube. Each video you create a content marketing to help you sell effectively in the future.

You can also use the video on Youtube to put on their website to help customers access to products and product benefits of an easier way.

How do a video on Youtube that can help you sell

When you upload a video to Youtube, to note three things:

     Title: Title is something that you may cause to the attention of your target customers, so pay special attention to the way the title. Think about the keywords that customers may seek to offer attractive title for the product that you're selling.

     Link to product page: In the video description, put links pointing to your product page - this is how you can turn a casual viewer to become your customers.

     Tags: Tags are ways for you to attract customers with the things they care about. They also play a role, but the key words for users to easily search your videos.

How to create videos on Youtube

Here is the simple way to create your own video if you have no experience or no costs:

Editing on the iPhone

In fact, you can completely go off the road, using his iPhone and turned what you want, edit and upload to Youtube without using a computer.

IMOVE: You should try this first application, the toolbar IMOVE really very easy to use. It offers suggestions for great video and helps you create them quickly. This application is being sold for $ 4.99.

Reel Director: This application is easy to use as IMOVE and you will only pay $ 1.99 to have a tool that can have great video editing.

If you use devices running on the Android operating system, there are many video editing applications developed for it. Magisto and VidTrim are some popular applications on the market.

Online Video Editing.

If you do not want to download and install the application on your computer, you can complete the online video editing.

YouTube Editor: YouTube has a video online editing function lets you simply can perform transitions and caption writing.

WeVideo: An online option that can run on all browsers. Remarkable function is that you can work with other people - people who work with you - to create a perfect video.

Edit video with desktop

If you have a Mac, use IMOVE (not the version for iPhone) - it's a free application to help the video editing easily. If you use a normal desktop computer, you'll be a fan of Camtasia applications - this is not just a video editing application that also features back to the most convenient screen, similar to IMOVE, Camtasia toolbar is very easy to use.

How to choose  content

This is the time you can enjoy your creative pleasure. The most boring thing is that you do a video simply introducing product or chat.

If you actually make a cool Youtube channel is forcing you to invest the time and effort to it because it will occupy a lot of your time and creativity. But investors always bring practical results, we compare a Youtube channel that actually looks like an effective channel of your own.

Some of the content you can refer to:

- Education: Chances are you know a lot about your products as well as information about the products talked about it, please share it with your customers with video instructions on how to purchase or visual comparison products together.

- Problem Solving: One of the reasons why users search for videos on Youtube finding solutions to problems they are facing. Video tutorial makes it easy for customers to visualize how to handle things.

- Interviews with Experts: In some cases, you can pay to invest carefully to make a great video content by interviewing experts in the field that you are trading. For example, if you sell products in the field of sports, the athletes interviewed a professional or even amateur will make your video content becomes great. Or are experts in processing industry or cosmetics are a lot of interesting knowledge can be shared with users.

- Description: If you are planning to sell some new products to study the full range of product information and creating videos to explain the features and effects of these products.

Or you can use Hand Drawn Whiteboard to create video content

Tips to increase the power of Youtube

Make use of free link

Feel free to leave links to your products for sale or sale websites of all products for your store in the video description. This not only works to help people see and easily accessible shopping, but also optimizes the search engines for your website.

Monitoring the effectiveness of video through YouTube Analytics

With YouTube Analytics, not only can track the number of views over time, but also can tell your visitors come from public sources, as well as video viewing audience how to keep your video is the the viewer's attention.

Introducing brand should be concise and scored points.

The most common mistake a lot of people are talking too long or too much information about the cage introducing brand products. For effective advertising, your logo should only appear the first few seconds of the video, then go straight to the point, sending quick messages - no more than 3 seconds of each video.

Studies show that the attention of the viewers will stretch out very quickly when watching video, so do not do a video too long. Reasonable time for a maximum video should stop within 2 minutes, unless there are video tutorials for users. Anyway, the video content is the way to your sales effectiveness.